Monday, April 6, 2009


Happy Easter!

Bet you are all looking to a bit of a break - and eating easter eggs and buns (unless you are made of steel), catching up with friends and family maybe? Maybe not?

If you don't have anywhere to go - or you would like to attend a church service over easter - have a look at thses two churches in your area:
Magill Lutheran and Mawson Lakes Lutheran.

I personally know both the pastors at Magill Lutheran And Mawson Lakes Lutheran - and they are both good blokes. Magill is slightly more 'conservative' and Mawson Lakes is slightly more 'progressive' but they are both good.

There are also plenty of other Christian churches in both those areas - which I encourage you to check out - but I personally don't know the pastors, or their reputations; so let me know if you go to a good one and I'll promote it.

Not intending going to church this year? Well, at least read this site which is put out by the Autralian Government but I consider to be very good in my humble opinion:

and if you are a person who likes to know 'word meanings' look here

Many people regard Christmas as the high point for Christians but I don't think it was even celebrated by the very early Christians - but Easter always has been. Jesus Christ's death and rising from the dead means two things to us today: our sins, mistakes and stupidity is completely forgiven by God because Jesus died in our place...and Jesus rising from the dead means that one day we will too. We believe that in faith and gives us a great reason to celebrate. Easter is what the whole thing is about.

I hope you have a happy Easter!