Monday, August 17, 2009

Rock n Roll! Mid Year Retreat

Mid Year Retreat!

You are very welcome to come to the the LSF Mid Year retreat - Here are the details:

Theme: Rock N Roll - inside and outside of the church

When: August 21-23rd 2009

Where: Mylor Youth Hostel


Robin Mann
- 'the man' behind sooooo many community songs

Matthias Prenzler - master of liturgical stuff and where music fits in

Stephen Morel - Pentecostal strong influence on community music


First trip as a student = $40 only

Average student= $45

Worker (not student) = $50

Interested? Bring a friend?

***Contact: Mike Pietsch 0409 725 573 for further details***

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geek stuff

I know you are poor because you are a student, so those who are more geeky and freaky might find these links to free software useful. Now, as a disclaimer, I haven't tried most of these and to my knowledge they are not naughty and bad people's warez. Most of them are for Windows. If you know of other software that others could use -please let me know and I'll promote it.


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