Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Preliminary Stuff


Tonight I updated my staff profile on the UniSA page here:

Tim's Staff Page

If any of you are new to University, please don't go at it alone - it's not a race like a triathlon to be the first over the line - you are better off hanging around others, asking questions and taking it day by day, finding out where things and the best way to get done what needs doing.

Get to know the UniSA site, particularly the new student bits and pieces. It may seem overwhelming at first but you'll gradually get used to it. Heaps of people have gone through uni and made it out the other end.

There are student groups groups that I will tell you about. The main one I'm connected to is LSF = Lutheran Students and Friends. They are on all uni campuses and meet regularly at different places for fun, spirituality and encouragement.
There will be a commencement camp in March which I hope to get you more info on soon.

ps I don't know how this "comment" thing works yet - so if you want to contact me try my email on my profile :)

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