Monday, May 11, 2009

Money and other stuff


Well you must have landed from outer space if you haven't noticed that the last year has been a financial upheaval for many...and from today ahead there is more to come...

As students, I'd suspect that many of you are not eating caviar by a pool at the moment, so I thought I'd give you a couple of links about Money and what the Bible says.

You hear people say "money can't make you happy" which tells me that those people have never been in a situation where the bills and costs of life far outweigh the means to pay for them. So, I disagree on one count. A certain amount of money -will- make you happier - if you are doing it tough. You need a consistant source of income that meets the basics, so that you can get on with your other life callings and purposes.

However, money is only a tool for trading and nothing more. Forget about status and the dog eat dog side of business. So you can buy new toys? Good for you.

There is even a 'prosperity' side of Christianity that talks up getting rich through the Bible - well, someone forgot to tell Jesus that - he lived on the basics only.

So, perspective with money is very important. And getting the Bible's view on it can be quite freeing from the worlds merry-go-round with money. So, have a look at these links and think and pray about what it might mean for your own life. And if you are struggling financially don't forget to ask God for what you need, it may arrive in a way that money can't buy, so be open to His way of doing things. It might involve money it might not -that's up to God:

An article called "Making Finacnical Decisions" from an interesting site called Crown Ministries

A few articles on Money and the Bible:

And this video from Dr Charles Stanley "The proper place money has in a Christian's life" - he is American, he looks like a 1980's preacher, but if you can get past that; what he has to say is very good:

Keep God in the loop when you are dealing with money - He owns everything anyway, so talk with him about it.

- Tim O

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