Monday, October 26, 2009

National Conference LSF (28 Dec 09 - 3 Jan 10)

If you are a regular LSFer or not - you are welcome to register and attend the 'national conference' where Christian students (and friends) meet together from around Australia.

This year the conference will be in good 'ol South Australia where the gum trees grow and we talk slowly.

Theme: Love is a Verb

Where is it: Woodhouse campsite (not far from Adelaide)

When is it: Monday 28th Dec 2009 from 3pm to Sunday morning, 3rd Jan 2010
(you can tell your family that you are going away this year and only coming back next year)

􀂅 Year 12 ($180)
􀂅 Student ($225/$240)
􀂅 Worker ($245/$260)


or download the (pdf) registration form here

any questions? ask these wonderful people:

Contact People:
Mike Pietsch 08 8370 3615
or 0409 725 573

Ben Kuchel 08 8480 7942
or 0419 845 980

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