Monday, February 21, 2011

UniSA Magill & Mawson Lakes Students
Welcome to 2011!

If you go to Magill or Mawson Lakes you may one day want to see a chaplain. I’m the Lutheran chaplain at UniSA on these two campuses. So here are my details…

On Friday term afternoons you can find me in Room: H1-33 at Mawson Lakes which I share with the Catholic Chaplains:
See map:

As a chaplain, I’m fundamentally connected to your campus for pastoral support.
That means if you need someoneto talk to, have some questions about university, or life in general, contact me. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll try and put you onto someone who does. I am also available to help run Christian talk/Bible groups and to help you get Christian support on campus if you would like it.

I also walk around a bit too, so use my other contact details (at the end of thisnote) if you need to find me.

On term Tuesdays at Magill Campus I am usually found in or around Room E1-06,which, from this year I will share with adjunct senior lecturer. However, it is the chaplain room on Tuesdays!

See map:

*If you want to know more about Lutheran Students on either campus, you can follow up dates on their website: LSF or call Rev Mike Pietsch on 0409 725 573

Besides Chaplaincy, I also work at a Lutheran primary school and Australian Lutheran College in the library. I am a keen follower of Jesus; I enjoy family life, internet and playing guitar.

If you want to be part of regular updates via uni email, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you!

May God richly bless 2011 for you : )
Tim Oestmann (Chaplain)
0404 303 084

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