Monday, August 15, 2011

chaplaincy in schools

Legally - there may well be a constitutional reason to stop funding for chaplaincy in schools and so be it - if that is what the high court decides.

However, we will only find out later this year.
I'm telling you upfront that I'm for chaplains in schools, so I'm not going to pretend otherwise - as long as they are kept accountable and stick to their mandate. I personally know a few school chaplains who are funded by this program and they are impressive, caring, rational and skilled people...not crazy fanatical religious zealots shoving King James Bible's sideways down the throats of unsuspecting students...I have seen and heard of valuable work done by these people. So, I am biased from experience and make no apologies.Having said that - I think I know why the 'secular' side is upset.They feel like they have been sabotaged by 'government funded' religious people on the campuses of their vulnerable children. You can feel the anger of the 'secular' public in the comments to the YouTube videos and articles. Fair enough.

The story in a nutshell:
"The Age" 6 August 2011 'Legal savage' in a fight for secularity

Sydney Morning Herald August 10, 2011:
"It's time to dispel the myths about school chaplains"

Christianity Today
12 August 2011 : a complex issue

Hon Peter Garrett's
announcement of further funding for the chaplaincy program in May 2011: National School Chaplaincy Program (pdf)

...and a few recent news videos from both sides....

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