Monday, May 2, 2011

bin laden

No doubt there will be more to I write this, Osama Bin Laden has reportedly been shot dead by US and, well, 'buried at sea'.

On face value it is 'good news' for those who had suffered under his atrocities - and I don't want to minimise that- but there is a lot that I see and hear that leaves me uncomfortable too. I'm no fan of Bin Laden nor of any violence. And at this stage I'm not sure what I think of the reaction of the world at large. I only hope that good can out of this and not more evil.

If you are interested, here are a couple of immediate articles that caught my eye - if you have the time they are are worth a read:

An article by Robert Fisk who met with Bin Laden personally a few times:
"Was he betrayed...."

from the Christian Science Monitor:
"Was it legal for the US commandos to kill Osama bin Laden?"

From The Vatican:
"Vatican says bin Laden's death cause for reflection, not rejoicing"

Arab reaction gauged by UK Guardian:
"Osama bin Laden dead: Arab reaction"

Arab reaction gauged by Reuters
"Bin Laden killing prompts Arab anger, relief"

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