Monday, April 1, 2013

Atheism stuff

 I'm aware that there are many people who give up their religion or belief in God because it doesn't make sense to them. There are those on the other hand who have gone the other way or are asking  the big questions - here are a few examples:

Antony Flew 

An Atheist who through science came to believe in 'God'. Flew did not believe in the Christian God but called himself a "deist" - food for thought anyway:

"The Trouble with Atheism" (2006)
An (agnostics) look at atheism by Rod Liddle- a slightly controversial journalist who has trouble with the full on atheist stance. Worth a look for, I think, a few valid questions and probes. This is - not - an unbiased scientific work - he obviously bats for agnosticism... worth watching anyway, even as a discussion starter - full documentary - interviews with :



For balance: here are Atheist reactions to the documentary on Richard Dawkins Foundation page:

If you look this film up on an internet search, the majority of the reviews are unsurprisingly critical by atheists around the world.  Like it or loathe it ,it's a good discussion starter.

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